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Customized Tours Borneo





What Drives Us
At Island Ecoventures, we are fascinated by island travel and the possibilities it offers. Our goal is to take you beyond the sanitized, tourist-oriented resorts too many island destinations have become associated with. Instead, we focus on revealing the unique ecosystems, dazzling biodiversity and fascinating geology that make islands some of the last remaining Edens in the world. 

Our travel service team has combined experience in the travel industry adding up to decades. When we came together, the decision to turn that vast pool of expertise to something we felt deeply passionate about – eye-opening, environmentally sound island sustainable tourism – made perfect sense to us, and Island Ecoventures was born. 

Where We Go
Our fully customized trips take in travel destinations from higher-profile islands such as Madagascar to little-known destinations such as Arctic Wrangel Island in Russia. If it’s an island with striking landscapes and varied wildlife, there’s a good chance we can help you discover its most beautiful and secret corners. 

But while our focus is often on the outdoors, not all the travel destinations we travel to are remote from human influence. We relish the experience of facilitating cultural exchange between you and the communities you’ll be traveling through. 

Our Sustainable Ethos
Tourism is a contributing factor to the rapid shrinkage of many of the wildernesses we love so much. But engaging with nature ethically is possible with sustainable tourism. 

Each of our itineraries is built on a foundation of respect for the environments we’ll explore and the species we’ll encounter. We make sure nothing is wasted and nothing left behind, and always relish the opportunity to contribute as a company to local conservation efforts and community projects. 

For those customers who request them in places where the option exists, we also delight in organizing volunteering trips, giving something tangible back to local habitats and communities. 

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