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The U.K & Europe
On the Scottish island of Skye, the landscape’s raw beauty is the perfect backdrop to a scattering of ancient castles. The volcanic Portuguese archipelago of the Azores feature awe-inspiring scenery of their own, marked by soaring peaks, hidden volcanic caverns and thundering waterfalls. And Madeira offers a different Portuguese experience yet again. Here, the verdant inland areas beg to be hiked, while the pristine beaches are gateways to a treasure trove of marine life, including dolphins, whales and manta rays. In Iceland, Greenland and Norway’s Lofoten, Senga & the Svalbard Archipelago, explore sparsely populated, ice-riven countryside by day and chase the northern lights by night. 


Our destinations  include Japan’s Hokkaido, with its eight national parks, and UNESCO-protected Yakushima, an ethereal, lavishly forested island where loggerhead turtles nest. In Sri Lanka, you can explore tropical rainforest, lush paddy fields and centuries-old ruins, while Indonesia and Malaysia  are the only two countries where you can spot orangutans in the wild. And in the Philippines, you can encounter everything from gigantic whale sharks in the ocean to tiny, saucer-eyed tarsiers in the jungle. Finally, the frozen reaches of Russia’s Wrangel Island offer something altogether different. 


Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands
Join us on an African adventure and you could find yourself staring into the eyes of an endangered lemur deep in the Madagascan jungle; enjoying crystal-clear waters and remarkable visibility as you dive reefs filled with turtles and swirls of colorful fish in the Seychelles or the Mauritius; or flying in to land on one of Mozambique’s picture-perfect san-fringed islands on a light aircraft. 


We also offer Southern and East African safaris. In Southern Africa, we'll take you to South Africa for encounters with adorable penguins and the Big Five, visit Botswana's pristine Okavango Delta, and the surreal landscapes of Namibia. In East Africa, our Kenyan safaris provide a front-row seat to the Great Migration, while our Tanzanian expeditions explore the iconic Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. We also offer the incredible experience of trekking to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Our safaris are expertly crafted, ensuring a deep connection to the captivating wildlife and landscapes of these regions while prioritizing responsible and sustainable travel practices.


New Zealand and Australia’s remoteness have led to the evolution of some of the most spectacularly unique species of flora and fauna in the entire world. Marvel at the expansive protected wildernesses of Tasmania and discover ancient Maori culture in New Zealand. To the north, Fiji’s tropical islands offer endless possibility, whether mountain, jungle, beach or ocean is your habitat of choice.


North America
Our North American trips are focused on the bounteous natural attractions of Canada. In British Columbia, rain-nourished forests that hide snaking hiking trails invite you in, while the coastal areas offer up a huge variety of life, including elephant seals, orcas and whales of many kinds. And on Baffin Island, polar bears roam the Arctic tundra and Inuit culture can be discovered in all its richness. 


South & Central America  

We invite you to explore the astonishing biodiversity of South and Central America. Join us on an adventure in Costa Rica, where you'll encounter diverse ecosystems and incredible wildlife. Dive into the pristine Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and witness unique fauna found nowhere else on Earth. In the Pantanal, track elusive jaguars in their natural habitat. Head to Patagonia for Puma trekking, seek out vibrant bird species in the Ecuadorian cloud forests, and embark on transformative journeys deep into the heart of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rainforests. 


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