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Tasmania - Something for everyone

Tasmania is the land of untouched beaches and abundant parks. The land is a rich canvas of color and beauty. Visit the many wonderful tracks ambling through rainforests, canyons, and mountains and be rewarded with waterfalls and King William pines. Tasmania is known for its largely untouched natural environment with 37% of Tasmania being World Heritage Sites, reserves, and national parks.

King William Pines in Cradle Mountain National Park

Tasmania is a beautiful group of 334 islands separated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait. The main island is 286 km from north to south and 315 km from east to west. Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world. This stunning island stretch has the reputation for being the most mountainous state in Australia, but don’t let that fool you; there are plenty of sandy beaches to go around. To be exact there are 17 beaches, 8 significant bridges, and 28 waterfalls.

Bay of Fires

If you are not an outdoor enthusiast, there are still many things to do and explore. One such example is the 10 Days on the Island, which is a Tasmanian cultural festival celebrating Tasmanian artists and performers. Visit the markets, historic sites, wineries, and restaurants. Enjoy historic places such as the Port Arthur Convict Site and the Tamar Valley with its fabulous vineyards and wineries. Take in unique attractions like the West Coast Wildness Railway traveling between Queenstown and Strahan, which among other things gives visitors the opportunity to pan for cold in the river and walk through a mine by the light of a candle.

Port Arthur - Historic Penal Colony

From amazing beaches, to exotic wildlife parks, to inspiring art festivals, no one will leave Tasmania feeling unfulfilled. The distinctive experiences offered here are like no other, and will leave visitors with amazing memories for years to come.

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