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Let’s be honest, it might look like a rather unassuming landmass on the map but New Zealand is full of amazing adventure travel experiences.

With a population of just 4 million people, this is also an incredible wild and remote place to travel where spectacular scenery and outdoor experiences are just as common as each other.

Speaking of “common”, did you know that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand? This is no joke but it’s also true that these beautiful islands in Oceania are also home to some of the most exciting, fun and rewarding outdoor travel experiences.



First of all, the best time to visit New Zealand is any-time!


But if you really must decide on a specific time of year to visit this wonderland in Oceania, it might be worth knowing a little about the weather.


New Zealand experiences temperatures of 80+ in the summer months, between December and February. The islands can be a little “busy” at this time of year so many visitors prefer to arrive from March until May when it can be less crowded. June to August brings the cold winter weather and ideal skiing conditions while Spring (September to November) is somewhat unpredictable with a mixture of sunny spells and also sporadic storms.


In case you might be asking yourself, three weeks is often enough to get around the highlights of New Zealand and as a rule, you could divide this time between the North and South Islands 1:2. In other words, one week in the north and two down south.

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