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Sri Lanka offers an array of breathtaking experiences and activities, boasting endless beaches, tropical rainforests, wildlife and ancient ruins. Few places have as many Unesco World Heritage Sites (eight) packed into such a small area. Nature-lovers, adventure-lovers, culture-lovers and foodies alike should travel to Sri Lanka for a taste of paradise.

This small island nation, with it's warm tropical climate is situated off the south-east tip of India, in the Indian Ocean.  Its diverse landscapes range from tropical rainforest and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. Despite it’s small Sri Lanka boasts one of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world and is included among the top 5 biodiversity hotspots.


In the high mountains in the central highlands you can stretch your legs, taking walks through verdant tea plantations and beside mighty waterfalls.  Mountains of the North Central Valley are blanketed in tropical rainforests that beckon hikers to explore.  These give way to rice paddy’s and towering stupas.  Giant statues of Buddha rise above the forest line next to abandoned palaces.


Then there are the beaches. With nearly 1600 km of palm fringed Coastline Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for a beach vacation.  Dazzling white and often unexplored beaches encircle the island and wherever you travel along the coast, a stunning stretch of sand will always be close at hand. This is a year round beach destination, and ideal for watersports like windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling or just lazing around.


The western coast is home to the country’s capital, Colombo, which has a rich colonial heritage. A melting pot of races, religions and cultures, Colombo parades displays the best and worst that the country has to offer.  

With a history expanding over 3000years, Sri Lanka is home to some of world’s most ancient cities including Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Digamadulla. These once glorious townships, palaces, temples, monasteries, and theaters, so intricately carved out of stone, now lie abandoned and forgotten amidst the towering jungles. 

Sri Lanka’s final kingdom is the Kingdome of Kandy.  After being burned and ravaged more than 3 times by the invading Portuguese, the resilient Kandyan Kingdom still holds beautifully carved and built houses, palaces and temple preserved for nearly 500 years.

​Sri Lanka is spectacular, affordable and relatively uncrowded.  Its history, culture and natural beauty are undeniably alluring. If you haven't been, now is the time to go!

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