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Newfoundland is best known for having a sense of hospitality and identify which is very different from the rest of Canada. This uniqueness also extends to the local accents or dialect which are known as the strongest in Canada. St John’s, the capital, is the oldest city in North America offers fantastic insight into how immigrants have integrated into Canada.


Newfoundland also has a lot of cultural and historical significance. For example, the eastern coastline is where countless coffin ships of immigrants arrived from Ireland back in the 1800s. You will find remnants of this through signs along the coastline and in the Irish accent which clearly dominates the island.


Meanwhile, the town of Gander was featured a Broadway show "Come from Away" in recent times and tell the story of how local communities sheltered 5700 people from thirty eight passenger planes during the 9/11 attacks. These planes were re-directed to this small town with its surprising long runway, during the attack and fifteen years later, the passengers still talk about the hospitality of the Gander locals.

Newfoundland experiences an extreme winter which makes between June and August the best time to visit. Wildlife and marine life is more common at this time of year, while temperatures are perfect for hiking, kayaking and making the most out of the outdoors.


Labrador is attached to the mainland and easily accessed from Quebec City.  Since the public transport system is rather lacking, the best way to explore the area is by private/rental vehicle.  Most visitors come here to enjoy the remote landscapes or take in some whale watching along the coastline. Most of the population lives in Newfoundland which is just one of many reasons why this landmass is more popular for visitors.


The east coast of Newfoundland is especially appealing and the capital city of St Johns offers a bustling introduction to the region. It offers a colorful nightlife, friendly locals and great many day trip options.


The island also offers many enticing national parks such as Gros Morne, arguably the most spectacular, and Terra Nova, which offer endless opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the immense landscapes in this rugged and intriguing pocket of Canada.


The Avalon Peninsula – Many small fishing villages with fantastic sea food, sea kayaking whale watching and more than a few hiking trails.



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