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As with many of the islands surrounding the African continent, Mauritius was initially known as a slave trade island. However, life has moved at an incredible pace on the island and with endless beaches, resorts and fantastic attractions, this is now such an enticing travel destination.


Located more than two thousand miles from the coast, this is also quite a remote landmass and sparsely populated with just over 1.2 million inhabitants on the island. In many ways, this remoteness makes the island even more enchanting and the prospect of feeling immersed a lot easier than most other destinations of the same size.


In terms of flights and logistics, it’s admittedly a tricky destination to visit but at the same time, the raw beauty and variety of things to do in Mauritius are more than worth the trek. Aside from the friendly local faces, the stunning scenery and laid-back atmosphere on Mauritius are certain highlights but as you can imagine, the many attractions are what make this what is now a “complete” island destination to the south of Europe.




The truth is, Mauritius is home to quite an uncertain weather pattern with winter being particularly unpredictable. And this is important, after all, most visitors want to explore the many beaches and venture into the ocean with nice, warm weather.  


As a rule, the best time to visit Mauritius is between November and May when the weather is quite balmy and the ocean is considered lukewarm. You should also find that the wind is gentle at this time and near perfect for lazing around the beach. On the other hand, the waves are ideal for surfing and they still calm enough for kayaking or standup paddle boarding but more on that in a moment…


One point worth mentioned for kite surfers or wind surfers, the winter winds mean that June to September is usually the only time you should consider for finding the right conditions.

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