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Whilst Madagascar is a year round destination, the wettest season is late December to March. During February cyclones are not uncommon, so it probably best to avoid this time of the year. Madagascar is a huge country and climate does vary hugely by geographic location.  Generally speaking, the north of the country is hot and humid, the east is wetter, and the south is arid.   The central highlands are cold and wet in May-October, but these months are ideal in Madagascar's dry southwest.  In general, the best time to visit is from April through mid-December, however you should always be prepared for all weather conditions.  

For beach holidays and snorkeling/diving, July to September are great months and a visit to Ile St Marie in July and August will afford you the opportunity to see humpback whales.  These months generally afford great weather conditions throughout Madagascar.  ​

October to December is great for lemur watching, and babies are born at this time. 

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