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Madagascar – a world apart.

Long isolated from the rest of the world, this huge island nation in the Southern Indian Ocean, is home to thousands of unique animal species, many found nowhere else on earth. It’s signature animal, is of course the lemur, but it’s home to a multitude of fantastic species, including colorful (and huge) chameleons, striking frogs, strange insects, not to mention it’s teaming sea life – sea turtles, graceful sting rays, sharks and humpback whales.  

It’s wildlife diversity is matched by it’s diverse landscapes, from tropical rainforest, tropical dryforests, to deserts and xeric scrublands. From the magnificent rock formations of Tsingy de Bemaraha to the lunar landscapes of Isalo and the majestic Baobab avenue in Morondova,   It is also blessed with a beautiful coastline of white sandy beaches.

Don’t forget it’s people – the Malagasy people - descended from seafarers from Borneo and Polynesia as well as East Africans – are one of a kind. This is evident in their phenomenal, French-influenced food, infectious music, and deep respect for their ancestors. Experiencing the culture and meeting the friendly Malagasy people, learning about their customs and beliefs and tasting their food, will only enhance your experience!

It is without doubt one of the most exciting places to visit, and somewhere you’ll want to return again and again.

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