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For many visitors, Lofoten is the most beautiful place in the world and with craggy peaks, green pastures and the northern lights, it’s easy to see why. You will also find several islands in the region with Vestfjorden separating the mainland from Moskenesøy, Vestvågøy Austvågøy, and Flakstadøy.


But what makes Lofoten so special?


It would seem that beauty has found a way into every inch of the islands with idyllic villages, stunning mountains and picturesque bays at every turn. Each island is connected by bridge or tunnel, while many detours allow visitors to get off beaten path while road tripping between them.


At the same time, this is also an outdoor haven and while the Northern Lights are often a highlight, there is so many more things to do in Loforten. From hiking, surfing and kayaking to exploring the local culture and cuisine, Lofoten is a breathtaking pocket of Norway that never fails delight locals and visitors alike.



Relaxing on the Beaches in Lofoten

Believe it or not, Lofoten has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the jaw-dropping mountain-backdrop makes them especially unique. Featuring long stretches of white powdered sands and clear blue waters, this is the perfect place to relax in between exploring the outdoors. Just so you know, Uttakleiv Beach, Haukland Beach and Ramberg Beach are some of the most impressive and each stretch is within easy reach.

Surfing in Lofoten

If you want to take things a step further, the surf in Lofoten is remarkable and Unstad Beach in particular attracts surfers from all over the world. With temperatures between 8 and 14°C, the conditions are near perfect and the waves are smaller during summer months which makes it ideal for beginners.


Witnessing the Northern Lights

Lofoten is located within the Arctic Circle and for this reason, you can see the Northern Lights when the sky is clear between September and April. In many ways, this is probably the most spectacular experience in Lofoten and witnessing these magical lights is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

Experiencing Local Culture in Nusfjord

Nusfjord is an old fishing village and one of the most historic towns in Lofoten. You will find an old-fashioned store and museum here but also a factory where the locals make cod-liver oil. After staying overnight in a rorbu (cabin), you should have experienced a very primitive side of life on the islands.

Exploring the Hiking Trails

Hiking is incredibly popular on the islands and the hiking trails are some of the most spectacular in Norway. What’s more, these trails are well-marked and travel right across many stunning landscapes and rocky mountains. For many visitors, Reinebringen is the trail of choice but Ryten features beautiful views of Kvalvika Beach and the hike up Festvagtins has stunning views of the surrounding towns.

Climbing the Svolvaergeita

Speaking of climbing, Svolvaergeita is a unique stand-alone formation that many rock climbers come to climb in Lofoten. If you have no experience, there is also beginner rock climbing courses and either way, this is a fun thing to do and a real delight when it comes to action-photographs.


Sampling the Local Cuisine

Finally, the food in Lofoten is sublime and consists of a nice variety of seafood and steak. According to popular opinion, Anita’s Sjomat is a great value restaurant that you should not miss and Maren Anna in Sørvågen is widely regarded as the best restaurant on the islands.

Lofoten is a magical place where fine food, stunning scenery and outdoor experiences are common. With that said, the only question is how long you can afford to stay, for some visitors never want to leave.

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