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The Isle of Skye is one of Scotland's most visited "attractions" and as such it has a rather long tourist season that begins in early spring (April) and lasts until mid-fall (October). The busiest time of the year on the Isle of Skye, co-incides with the summer school vacation, in July and August. 

Traveling off-season, will mean less crowds, more affordable accommodation and avoiding the biting midges, but it will also mean colder weather and more rain.  Even if you do need to travel within the peak tourist season, try to avoid July and August if possible.

Skye by season:

Winter – winter is a quiet time with fewer people, and great deals on lodging.  There is, however, the increased likelihood more cold, miserable weather, limited daylight hours, and seasonal business closures (including tours).

Spring – Businesses open again and the weather is more pleasant, especially later in the season. Late spring, however, brings a return of the midges and school holidays bring more tourists to the island. 

Summer – summer increases the likelihood for good weather and offers the best opportunities for outdoor adventure. This is however, peak tourist season and the midges are out in full force.

Fall – The crowds and midges start to disappear in early fall and in September the weather is still quite pleasant. This season does, however,  bring a lot of rain and many seasonal businesses close in October.

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