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Sumatra Overland - North to West

Journey across Sumatra to capture the essence of this diverse island. Drive through miles of beautiful landscapes, stopping in ethnic villages for cultural encounters. Venture into the jungle to see wild animals and trek through vibrant rice paddies before heading to Cubadak island for a few days of tropical bliss.

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North Sulawesi - wildlife, culture & beach

Experience the best of North Sulawesi culture, wildlife and beaches on this whirlwind trip. Explore the beautiful Minahasa Highlights, climb active volcanoes and wander Tangkoko National Park. End your trip with some downtime on one of Indonesia’s most idyllic beaches on Gangga Island.

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North Sulawesi & Raja Ampat

Wildlife adventure

This Comprehensive two week tour showcases the incredible diversity of North Sulawesi’s wildlife, its culture and the marine life in Misool Island of Raja Ampat. 

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Komodo Island Expedition Cruise

Experience the luxury of a private sailing vessel while hopping  from one beautiful island to the next. Sail to Komodo National Park and see its iconic dragons in their natural habitat. The Nyamanis a local vessel that is modernised to accommodate up to 14 guests in seven cabins.


Kalimantan Orangutan Adventure

Embark on the ultimate Indonesia jungle adventure. Start with a boat trip through Tanjung Puting National Park to spot orangutans, proboscis monkeys and other exotic animals in the wild. Then trek deeper in to the forest for an immersive, overnight stay with a local family in their traditional longhouse.


Papua's Whale sharks and Birds of Paradise cruise

Cruising Raja Ampat must rate as one of life's most beautiful experiences in the world. This special itinerary honours Alfred Russel Wallace, the prominent scientist who was one of the first who dared to raise concerns over the environmental impact of human activity some 150 years ago. You'll revisit some of the areas he found so fascinating, and will hopefully see the magical bird of paradise within its natural habitat. If you're luck you may get to snorkel with whale sharks in Triton Bay.

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