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Isolated in the freezing North Atlantic, this Nordic island nation was forged by centuries of volcanic upheaval and shifting of tectonic plates.  It is characterized by it’s dramatic and otherworldly landscapes, and stunning natural beauty.  There’s no lack of outdoor adventure here from towering mountains, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and alien looking lava fields, to massive glaciers, sprawling icefields, majestic fjords and powerful waterfalls.  Oh and let’s not forget the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

Explore the famous Golden Circle route with its geysers and thundering waterfalls.  Head to glaciers, black beaches and jagged volcanic landscapes in the South.  And if you have time to spare you can circle the entire island on the 800 mile Ring Road. 

When you’ve had enough adventure, hear to Reykjavik and discover it’s warm gregarious people and interesting cuisine. The city, which runs on Geothermal power, is home to most of the population.  It also has the wonderful National and Saga Museums, which trace Iceland’s Viking history.  For a lazy day, you can soak in the famour Blue Lagoon’s thermal baths.

Iceland is truly magical!

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