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Everything You Should Know When You Visit Haida Gwaii


If you’re like me, the most exciting travel experiences are always those in which you can either get outdoors or feel immersed in the local culture. It’s true, fancy hotels and iconic landmarks are great but nothing beats a bit of culture or an encounter with Mother Nature. 


But how often do you find both in the same place?


Haida Gwaii is a remote archipelago just off the east coast of Canada. In fact, you can reach this enchanting island on a two-hour flight from Vancouver, which makes it the perfect island getaway with the least amount of travel time.


Formerly known as Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii is a very primitive destination with endless opportunities to get outdoors. However, there are also a number of museums, art galleries and craft stores to explore.


For example, the Settlers’ Museum in Port Clements is particularly interesting and Masset is also popular with visitors with the Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum providing a colourful insight into the surroundings. 


That being said, Haida Gwaii is usually remembered for these “surroundings” and best known for the many outdoor activities throughout the island.


Here’s everything you need to know about visiting this wonderful archipelago:


The Best Time to Visit Haida Gawii


As with much of Canada, the weather can dictate the best time to visit the most popular destinations. As a rule, early fall, spring and summer are the best times to visit.


Although conditions on the island can change quickly, weather tends to be cool and sometimes wet in the months of May and June. Meanwhile, July and August can be warm and sunny but the truth is, it can still be cool regardless of the time of year. Stronger winds are common moving into August and early September but travel after this period is quite unpredictable and not recommended. 


How to Get to Haida Gwaii


In case you might be asking yourself, return flights to Haida Gwaii are usually in the region of $500. On the other hand, BC ferries is usually a slightly cheaper option and this way, you can also bring the car.


The ferry service departs from Prince Rupert and takes six hours to reach the island. However, visitors need to take a second ferry from Skidegate Landing to Alliford Bay before driving to Sandspit.

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