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The Falkland Islands are an exceptional place for wildlife, much of which is very tame and approachable. There are spectacular seabird colonies and 227 species of bird have been recorded on the island:

  • 21 are resident land birds

  • 18 waterbirds

  • 22 breeding seabirds

  • 18 annual non-breeding migrants and 

  • at least 140 occasional visitors

The island is home to two-thirds of the world's black-browed albatross and the world's largest population of gentoo penguins and southern giant petrels.  You'll also find Magellanic, Rockhopper, Macaroni and King Penguins.


The Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck and Cobb's Wren are unique to the island and found no-where else on earth.

bigstock-cobbs wren-220446184.jpg
bigstock-striated caracara-220440130.jpg
Rockhopper adobe.jpeg

The islands are also critical for the conservation of striated caracara, ruddy-headed geese, black-throated finches and tussac birds, which are seriously threatened or have very restricted distributions in South America.

The rich seas surrounding the Falklands Islands also contain a wealth of wildlife. Coastal waters are home to many species of whales and dolphins, Elephant seals, Fur seals and Southern sea lions. 

The island is also home to many rare plants with 175 native species, and unique wingless insects adapted to the windy environment.  There are no native trees, but tussac grass grows up to three metres (10ft) tall and provides nesting sites for 30 species of birds and shelter for sea lions and elephant seals.

bigstock-elephant seal-220440136.jpg


The Falkland Islands is considered amongst the best places for hiking and walking. Explore Stanley's surrounding hills and beautiful beaches, small ponds, coves and a charming lighthouse. 

There is hiking to suite every skill level from short scenic strolls to strenuous treks.


The glorious golden hues of open plains contrast with vast, open skies whilst rocky cliffs and hills form dramatic backdrops for a delicate flower or feisty tussle in a penguin colony. Whatever your level of skill with a camera of any kind, there is no reason to leave the Islands without a collection of inspirational images to remind you of your adventures. You may even choose to visit on a specialiszed photographic tour. 

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