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Game Drives

Singita’s twice-daily game drives present the opportunity for intimate connections with nature and discovering the raw beauty of the continent’s most magnificent creatures up close.

While no two Singita game drives are ever the same, you are bound to be enchanted by vivid encounters with Africa’s most iconic wildlife. 

From rolling grasslands where giraffe and elephant meander to riverine woodlands where shy creatures suddenly appear from lush foliage; and from rocky outcrops favored by big cats to hidden valleys where large herds of antelope roam and graze, each game drive traverses landscapes that are as rich in scenery as they are in wildlife.

Never knowing what’s around the next corner, the sense of adventure for what lies ahead welcomes a continuous unfolding of magic as the bush wakes up to reveal its secrets.

Imparting a wealth of knowledge and intuitively responding to each guest and group’s interests, Singita’s expert Field Guides and Trackers exude an unlimited passion for Africa’s wildlife and wilderness. Their in-depth knowledge of the area makes every encounter and sighting all the more meaningful, and elevates each connection with nature.

Key Species You Are Likely to See

During your stay at Singita Ebony Lodge, you are likely to spot a great variety of wildlife, including species such as leopard, lion, rhino, large herds of buffalo, elephant, reedbuck, hyena, hippopotamus, nyala, cheetah, wild dogs and many types of birds.



Walking safaris are an incredible way to experience the bush up close and personal.

Your expert guide and tracker will accompany you as you track animals on foot through the wilderness and explore the magnificent plants and landscapes around you.

We suggest a minimum age of 15 years for this activity, but participation is at the discretion of your Field Guide.

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Anti Poaching Canine Unit

Visit the Sabi Sand canine unit for an interactive session . Meet with a senior handler and learn about the anti-poaching work being done . Participate in an actual tracking exercise with a dog and handler . Contribute to the success of this anti-poaching unit and greater conservation work in the region.


Guests can visit the canine unit base in the Sabi Sand and meet with one of the senior dog handlers.

The dogs are highly trained and able to perform multiple functions, from pursuing intruders to sniffing out rhino horn and ammunition from vehicles and bags.  Watch as the dogs use their skills to track through the bush as part of routine exercises in the Sabi Sand.

Be part of this important conservation initiative: the dogs are deeply valued, professional assets supporting the anti-poaching efforts in this region.

Must be booked in advance


Wine Experience

Singita is recognised as one of Africa’s most influential collectors of wine, with an extensive cellar showcasing a premium selection of wines, including some of the continent’s most sought-after private reserves, including exclusive release, limited single vineyard and rare auction wines. It’s safe to say that wine is a key ingredient of the unique Singita experience.

The Singita wine list has received numerous awards of excellence, the top Diners' Club Wine List accolade as well as recognition from countless other local and international organisations.

François Rautenbach is responsible for this excellence as the director of Singita Premier Wine, he manages the selection, purchase, storage, and service of all the wines at Singita’s lodges. François also manages Singita Premier Wine Direct which allows guests to order their favourite wines from their safari to enjoy at home. With the Singita Premier Wine Direct service, wines can either be specially packed for guests as checked luggage or shipped directly to a guest’s home.

Personalised wine tastings within the unique ambience of each lodge’s own temperature-controlled cellar are a true guest favourite, for connoisseurs and casual tasters alike. Singita’s experienced sommeliers are able to guide guests through a variety of wine styles, years and cultivars to find the wines most suited to their individual tastes.

As with all that Singita does, community upliftment is central to the Singita wine programme as well. François Rautenbach has created a special training programme for enthusiastic young wine lovers, developing the next generation of sommeliers for Africa. The training provides educational assistance, personal mentoring, formal wine training and access to Africa’s finest wine programme.


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