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Rapa Nui is most commonly known as Easter Island in the Isla de Pascua of Chile. It is one of the most isolated places on Earth, with a distance of over 37,000km to the east of Chile. Just like Chile, Rapa Nui uses the currency of the Peso and the language of the island is Spanish. Probably the most common reason that Easter Island is famous is thanks to the nearly 1,000 monumental statues known as the Moai, created by the early inhabitants of Rapa Nui. There are many different versions of the Moai statues, they all have torsos with most of them ending at the top of what would be the thighs. There are a small number on the island which are considered to be complete figures that kneel on bent knees with their stomachs showing. Some of the well known Moai’s that have been shown around the world have been buried up to their necks with all the shifting soils. It is so much more than just an open air museum as is believed, instead there some amazing spots for surfing, snorkeling and diving. For a bit of relaxation, there are beautiful beaches of white sand. For those looking to explore the beauty of the island there are a great choice of eco friendly experiences for on foot, horseback and bike.


Dependent on your interests and your budget, there is no real perfect time for you to go as with Rapa Nui being in the southern hemisphere, even during the cold months its not that bitter. For Rapa Nui, the summer begins in December and then runs through until the end of March. This season brings a lot of high temperatures and humidity which can make some of the activities on the island a little bit more difficult. However, this temperature is perfect for enjoying a bit of relaxing and sunbathing on the beaches, as well as snorkeling and exploring the depths of the ocean around the island.


The most popular months for vacationing on Easter Island are January and February, and understandably prices are higher during these months.  


The low season begins in April, usually after Easter and continues on until the end of November, with the rainiest months being in April and May.


From June to September the temperature tend to drop around 18° which is considered ‘cold’. It is during this low season that you are able to find some great deals on flights and hotels as the pricing tends to be more convenient. Many tourists will only spend about three days visiting Rapa Nui which allows enought time to see and do many of the main attractions on the island.


A good amount of time to spend on the island would be five days as it allows for possible rain days that can push back activities. Whereas anything for a week or over allows enough time for exploration of some of the lesser knowns places and all the activities that the island has to offer.


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