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The world’s fifth and Canada’s largest island, Baffin is an expansive Arctic wilderness just begging to be explored.  It is the homeland of the Inuit people and a playground for adventurous visitors, who are drawn to Nunavut every year.


The island is 1000 miles long and between 130 and 450 miles wide, depending on where you are.  Its immense size, and the fact that there are no roads,  makes it impractical to see all of it in one visit. Even the indigenous Inuit who have lived here for thousands of years haven't explored all of its vast expanses.  There are no roads to or on the island. 

Baffin is home to polar bears, musk ox, seals, arctic foxes, caribou, bowhead and narwhal, and many bird species.  Its landscapes are characterized by steep fjords, massive glaciers, mile-high mountains and coastal islands all offering different views and adventures in this last great wilderness.   Travel by snowmobile to floe ice to spot narwhal and beluga whales. Rock climb Clyde River's Fjord walls and ski the peaks of Auyuittuq National Park.  Kayak or dive in it's frigid waters for a rare opportunity to see huge icebergs, coldwater jellyfish and polar bears.  Or drive a traditional dogsled over the tundra.

When you've had enough adventure, lie back and take in the magnificent northern lights. 

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